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John Khader

John Khader


John Khader has been a lifelong resident of Yonkers, New York. In 1988, he started his own limousine company, Top Class Limousine, located on Ashburton Avenue in Yonkers. In 1995, Khader became involved in the Republican Party. During his time involved, he worked with Party leaders on campaigns. Later, in 2002, Khader switched to the Independence party where he worked closely with the Chairman.

Some of his duties included:enrollment, promoting party platform and working on candidate campaigns. Since, he has worked on various judicial races across party lines, hosted fundraisers and promoted candidates by introducing them to events held in the community. To get involved in the county and legal politics, he started to help in local city government and on the county level across party lines. Khader’s most recent political activities focus around the City of Yonkers Mayoral Race, from 2012 through 2016. He has hosted several fundraisers and G.O.T.V. (Get Out The Vote). After years of careful thought, he started his own pact called the Mediterranean Political Action Committee (MPAC) in 2015.

This pact consists mostly of Arab- Americans as well as other Mediterranean cultures such as, Italians, Albanians, and Greeks. Khader’s goal with this organization was to be recognized by state, county, and local politicians as well as members of the community. The goal of creating this organization is to improve and develop our representation in the community. Make no mistake MPAC plans to work with or against any candidates that does not support our initiatives. With MPAC, we plan to voice our concerns and demand to be heard by our local government.